Wine Garden

Wentzville, MO



Some time ago, before Wentzville was a sprawling community, 
most of the area was rural farmland.  The land where the post office now sits was once nothing more that a budding rose garden.
It was around that time when Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. realized that more people would want phones for local communication, but also to keep in contact over longer distances to nearby areas such as Augusta and Marthasville, and especially St Louis.   

The company spoke to the Lusby sisters, Cordelia and Elsie, whom decided to rebuild their saltbox home into an operation bungalow. 
Elsie was to be a 24 hour operator while Cordelia was to handle all billing and paperwork, helping her sister whenever she could. 
Both sisters were confident in running the telephone business, as they were reassured by family that they could do just as well as men, if not better.

The "Big Switchboard" was duly installed around 1915-1916 and was in operation prior to World War I.   
Due to lack of electricity in the area, Elsie and the linemen had to install batteries as needed to keep the switchboard powered. 

In 1930, the house was sold to Dr. and Mrs. Schroeder.  Dr. Schroeder was the first chiropracter in the Wentzville area.  The couple continued to run the switchboard for a number of years with help from their daughter, Lillian Schroeder. 

Over the years, the company continued to expand rapidly and outgrew the operation, ultimately turning the history of the home into legacy.  In the years following, Dr. Schroeder continued his practice at the home.

After growing up, Lillian Schroeder wed
Ivan Dennott Myers.  Eventually, they transformed their living room into a beautiful garden were wedding vows were romantically exchanged.  Lillian Myers passed away on November 12, 2004. 

Since Lillian's passing, the home has been entirely renovated
and transformed into the establishment it is today;
UnKorked Wine Garden.

We hope that you'll come in and appreciate the transformation that this historic setting has taken over the years.  This local landmark boasts the essence of small town America, evolving from a tiny home into a locally-maintained communications hub,
then a doctor's office, and finally into the small family owned business that it is today. 

Below is a picture where Lillian wed Ivan which is now turned into what we call "The Red Wine Room".
This is one of our inside dining rooms.

205 East Allen
Wentzville, MO 63385

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